Friday, November 21, 2014

Gals Who Don't Want to be Gals

"Nose stripes are ugly"
"I hate over the top gyaru with tans and big hair"
"I don't like wearing much makeup"
...The list goes on.
If you hang around the gaijin gyaru community groups long enough, you will find phrases like those from girls who have yet to progress, and don't seem like they want to. I don't get it, do you like the style or not? I'm not sure if some of the new girls really know what gyaru style is and use to be. Not too long ago I was asked the question what does someone need to look gyaru? My answer was: 

I think you need great coordinates. The way you wear them, and little details make a difference.

Lol everyone kind of battled back and forth for a bit. After thinking about it for a while longer, I kind of want to change my answer to:
You need everything 
*Gal make with lashes and the whole shabang
*Great body flattering coordinates
*Nicely done hair
*Trendy or unique accessories

This is what makes some gaijin gals JUST LOOK GYARU.
 They do all those things, know what they want to look like and practice till they get it right. It's one
thing to have days when you are on off mode but still making progress, and another to look off all the time and say "Here is my gyaru style for today". You can't stop half way and say DONE. To me, learning how to do JUST eye make means absolutely NOTHING if you don't have anything else going on... Because now other styles are using the same makeup technique. If you put no effort you are not going to go far. There are so many magazines and photos of gyaru that you can search for online, and practice from. It's even better to ask privately for help if you are shy.
If you really love the fashion put in all your effort.
Be bold and do your best, because you will have more fun :)
I made this post especially for the Ontario gyaru.

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