Friday, October 10, 2014

☆GALUXURY Meetups☆

For the past year I have been more active in the Canadian gyaru community, trying to get the group talking and a little bit more lively. In result I organized a few meet ups~! Apparently I am the leader of the Ontario community. But here is a look at almost all the meetups we have had in the past year.

 The 2013 Summer meetup was the first official meet of the new gen. Lol everyone was so fashionably late but it was still a nice day. GUESS WHO CAME!! Catharine AKA Rinkkopuff~! That was incredibly exciting because she is such a sweet person I hope to see her soon.

The third meet we had was in was crazy cold that day...but us being crazy Canadian gals, we went out in our short skirts and shorts. It was a good thing we went out for ramen.
It was fun meeting a new friend that came all the way from up north~!(Lyndsay the gal with the orange-ish hair)

During the year I also got to meet LILIE-JOE~!! She is from Quebec's beautiful
YUKI ★ HAREヨM gyarusa. She is awesome and super duper nice. Hahaha so bold baring her legs in the cold.
 (Dat alba rosa scarf!! Dat make!! Dat Hair!!)

The largest meetup was our fashion show in May~! It was even better than last year :D
Check it out HERE

One of the last meetups of the summer, was in the city where I reside. I normally held the meetups in Toronto, since a majority of the Ontario gals live around there. There were some girls that couldn't always come out to Toronto, so I decided to hold one in Hammertown. In the one from the area showed up, it was only the three amigos.
They always come to the meetups and it makes me so happy. Love you two~!

Last but not least, I finally got to meet this fantastic gal Stevienie! She is not just any random gal I met, she is the one that created GALUXURY gyarusa. Unfortunately this darling has moved to Australia to take on big and better giant spiders xD Hopefully I get to see her soon xoxo! Check out her blog~!

One of the things I have learned this year, is that you can't satisfy everyone haha. Hopefully more gals are willing to come out and have some fun in the future. Either way I am happy that I got to meet all these wonderful gaijin gals! It was quite an experience for me and the most adventures I have ever been!

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