Friday, July 18, 2014

☆Blogging Again☆

Hollaaaaaa everyone! I am happy to say the crazy monkey gal is back!! Look at all this RADY inspired biz going on! :D lol do I look any different?? --->
I think my life is more eventful now and worth blogging about. I debated whether or not to delete my old posts, but decided not to because thats where I started from and it would be a shame to get rid of them :) So many positive... and some negative things have happened since the last time I made a real blog post which was about 2 years and some change, and i'm excited to share them and my everyday life! I have been holding down a job since way back last year, wooo making some $$$....Lol no i'm still broke somehow, sooo many things to pay T__T. Also, I have made some amazing gal friends in my province and around Canada, and now a part of a gyarusa.

When I stopped blogging, I kinda slowly started to read fewer blogs, and then for the longest time completely stop reading blogs (With exception to the few I run into on fb that seemed interesting). I have mostly been around and updated about other gals in the fb communities....but I find it's mostly drama and great gals are overshadowed by the fame seekers and the trouble makers. So before I prepared my blog for it's new journey, I decided to immerse myself back into the gal blog community by going on a hunt for new gals, old gals I adored, popular gals and everything in between.
My reaction to the results of my hunt was... WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS NONSENSE!

I can't even explain. Guess Im going to have to save that for another post because that business needs to be put in a damn list. Obviously not all of what I found was bad! There are lots of woooonderful gyaru and gyaruo out there now and i'm looking forward to following their gal lifestyle. Some of the gyaru that were newbies at the time of my old blogging days are now amazingly beautiful gals and well known, which is so exciting. But sadly some fantastic gyaru that use to blog, don't anymore or they do not even look the slightest bit gal :( .

ANYWAYS! I will be posting about 2 or more posts a week!
You can also see what i'm up to on intsagram @Cakepoyo if you don't already.
Let's talk! I would love to get to know more of you guys around the world. If you're a creep hiding on my fb...say hi once in a while...>___>
Follow me on my new journey!

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