Sunday, April 28, 2013

★Canada Gyaru Fashion Show and Meetup!★

Hola Everyone! Omg I haven't posted in forever! I hope everyone is doing well!
>w<  I'll update about me personal life later.
Attention Canadian Gals!!
Have you heard of or are going to attend ANIME NORTH?
Well, This year its going to get a little more gyaru!

Poster created by the amazing: Michiko Kawashi
(Sorry for posting this super late =_=)

Yes!! There is going to be a huge meetup and fashion show in Toronto!! 
 There will be a plethora of things going on, like photo shoots and interviews!  :D
For more info, updates, and to meet fellow Canadian gals and gyaruo Join:

Want to model your coordinate in the Fashion Show?
Email me ASAP:
1. First Name?
2. Last Name?
3. Style?
4. Do you have an Anime North pass already?
*(If not I can get you a pass that will only allow you to attend the gyaru events)

We have yet to get anyone who is going to do Ganguro/Manba/Banba xD

It's going to be so much fun!
I can't wait~!

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