Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Code

Happy Canada day to all the Canadians :D (It was yesterday but today is a holiday)
Yesterday, I had lunch and boba tea with some friends and saw some fireworks later that day, it was so much fun!
Here was my code and hairstyle from yesterday.
(I get dressed before I do makeup srry♥)
I loved my hair that day because the lose curls were perfecto~!
Lol I have been noticing that my heels were scratching my floors just a bit and I don't really keep my shoes in my room so I decided to slip on my slippers instead :p
You can't see in the pic since my body was so awkwardly positioned, but I was wearing a fox tail.
:D It's a new one I got in April at Toronto's Chinatown with my bf (:p The pic was for a post I was suppose to do a while back)
When my friends and I went for lunch, the cutest little Mexican girl snuck out of her seat to play with my fox tail 
It was adorablllllllleeeee~! I got to pick her up and hug her~! >w< I just wanted to claim her as my little sister♥
It was such a lovely day 


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