Thursday, March 22, 2012

☆Using Bottom Lashes + A Day With A Friend☆

I am so happy because I wore bottom lashes for the first time!
Well they are "technically" not bottom lashes XD 
I can't really order any diamond lash or anything like that online at the moment, so I decided to get a little crafty. You can't get the type of bottom lashes that Diamond Lash and Dolly wink offer, in Canada.
I dissected a pair of top lashes and made them into bottom lashes~ Woo
Lol my little work station below
I tried my best to make it look like the 2nd Series No. 4 Sweet Eye Lower Lashes
How did I do?
I wish I made the lashes more droopy ( >_> need to practice more)
I also have to say I have fallen in love with Gel Eye Liner!
In my opinion when you use pencil/crayon on darker skin, it looks really faded or starts out nice but in an hour or so starts to look really gross. The Gel stays on nice and bold and noticeable all day for me :)
I prefer this over the liquid liner I was using because it shows up nice and doesn't drip down into the eye.
The reason I got all dolled up, was to have dinner with my BFF :D

This restaurant was sooo gorgeous and the food was amazing!! 
Lately my friend has been taking me to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants because I never had Viet food before she had brought me to Pho 88 In Feb, and I am now hooked XD

Pretty entrance and my Boba Tea♥
Mmmm my Veit BBQ Pork * Q*
Crazy spicey Pho

And like the fatties we are when we got back to her house we made the most yummy chocolate oatmeal cookies ever! From scratch too!

Loved every minute with her and the Delicious Viet Food!!

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