Thursday, March 22, 2012

February Shopping♥

I have been a bit busy with school work and didn't have much spare time to read blogs or post, but I have time now~ :)
I finally went to Hot Topic (Has only been in Ontario for 2 years I think).
I picked up a few things ;D

I know these cross necklaces are popular and I wanted one so bad, I finally found one that is so cute!
 A lot of the accessory stores had really ugly ones, that were short. So I was pretty happy when I found this. :P Hot topic's accessories kinda reminds me of TUTUHA's accessories. 
Overall I love Hot Topic. Lmao I wont be buying any skirts there, cuz they were a bit cheep looking. BUT I love love love the Hello kitty stuff and the cool accessories.

My second  little splurge was in Toronto's China Town.

I got this Cute One-piece at Y.S - One  
It is adorable with shorts, pants and alone as a dress.
lol this is going to become my fave piece of clothing.
I got this phone charm and pair of earrings  at Fortune Jade Jewellry (lol yes with two L's ;P)
I always wanted one these those furry ball phone charms~♥...Now the only issue is getting it on my phone 
Love this store a lot. Everything is so sparkly and they have the latest Asian accessory trends.
I forgot the name of the store where I got these earrings, it was kinda like Fortune, but not as awesome.

I got this cool mirror and hat at Red Sun Fashion. 
I am in looove with my mirror~! There were so many deco stuff but I fell in love with the cool skull.
I also love the hat I got there...too bad it's too hot to wear now.
After my friend and I were finished shopping, we stopped to have dinner at Pho 88
First time I ever had Vietnamese food BTW
It was so YUMMY!

Lol the good old CN.

:D Those were my February gets♥ 
Sorry for posting it sooo late.

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