Saturday, January 28, 2012

Put your feet up~!

Aaaaaaaa I am finished exams~♥
Did I do well...Lol I don't even care at this point *A*
After my portfolio viewing Monday, I get to put my feet up until Thursday.
My days off will consist of Studying my Japanese and watching dramas.
Haha after every exam I always find myself watching Buzzer Beat, probably to remind myself how FOREVERALONE I am. I dunno, I just love watching this with 20 scoops of Pecan Ice-Cream :P
But on a much uglier topic...
I went to my doctor yesterday and asked her what they would  do with my eye...
Hehehe, i'm a very squeamish person when it comes to needles and such. So when she said she would have to lift up my eye lid and poke a few wholes in the bump, INSTANT HEART ATTACK!
But, she said that since it hasn't gotten any bigger I should wait one more week before getting it removed (Even though it has been like 4 or 5 months), because it can go away if I use baby shampoo when I clean my eye area and do a couple of other things.
(XD Sorry for making this post so gross)
Woo let's see how this goes~!

Thnx for the wishes everyone~♥

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