Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 Start

Holaa everyone~!
First off, I wanted to say Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy Belated New Year~
I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and an even better new years. Mine was decent :P
Well I didn't get my Nikkon for Christmas. For some reason it wasn't really a surprise to me =/ . They said since I need one to complete my portfolio, they will get me one soon...but i'm saving up anyways.
Woo Christmas tree!
lol 90% of those gifts were for my parents 
I think my brother and I ended up spending more on them, than they did with us.
Basically what I got was 3 cute cards stuffed with money, from my parents and my grandpa.
Spent a bit of it~!

 Hehe I was a good girl and didn't splurge my money...Because I want an Ipod Touch!
It's Not that I don't have enough, It's the fact that It is SOLD OUT EVERY WHERE! I have gone from city to city, and it's the same thing from all the store people, "Nope, all out. The new Touch was a hot one this Christmas". =_= I better find one before I throw my money into FOREVER 21.
Oh! But of Course I cannot forget the gifts from my bestie~
 Hehe~ She knows I love me some bling, Fedoras and Leopard print ;) She also got me a super sexy bra and a dress (Sadly the dress is a bit too big, but it's so pretty)
I also got a Chapters gift card from from her Oma~
Oma (Not her name but everyone calls her that) is the cutest little German grandmother you will ever meet !
After New Years,I have been basically trying to finish assignments. It was so hard to remove myself from the computer for such long periods of time.
Sad to see that my break is coming to an end so quickly.
*Sniff sniff* Weird enough, I feel like I am going to accomplish a lot more stuff this year.
YAY changed the layout! Does it look okay? 
Got a virus yesterday so I don't have Photoshop on yet and had to do the about me on Gimp. It also messed up one of the water marks...=_= I'll fix them.

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