Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day of Nothing

I was so sick today :(
School wasn't even close to being an option.
Since no one was here, I was just chillin in my panties and Dora blanket with some Koda playing.
lol groovin in my bed and blowing my nose for 4 hours with my speakers bang'n this morning, was the highlight of my day. The common cold can keep me back from going to school and doing work, but it doesn't effect me when i'm shimmying ;)

=_____=But, on a horrible note I now have an eye infection(STILL) AND a cold.
It would be awesome if I can get a medical eye patch like this, while still looking hot with one eye XD
The cold will eventually go away, but this damn eye infection is pissing me off!! After next week's exams, I am going to get it surgically removed (completely terrified).

> 3< Anyways I have been saving some pics of brand clothing I want to get~♥
This W♥C sweater is on the top of my list~! It has to be Yellow
Because I don't own any yellow clothing and I love really big sweaters~XD .
I have also been obsessing over >Anzfalcon's < W♥C Pearler Bead DIY~!
I sooooo want to try this~!

            Adieu lovely Bananas!

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