Monday, December 5, 2011


Lately I have been obsessed with Russian hats! 
They look so cute on the models! So yesterday I went on a hunt for a Russian hat.

Lol I didn't get my hops up too much, cuz what are the chances of me finding something so cute in a non Asian mall. XD well I didn't find one in the mall. I swear to God, every store was the same! Awkwardly coloured earmuffs, ugly sweaters, generic winter boots and scarves, totally not cute American leg warmers, and Christmas music!
OH GOD THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Lol Mariah Carey was playing in like very store.

I was going to give up but decided to go to Winners. X_x It was so crowded in there. when I made my way to the accessory section, there was one lady blocking everything with her cart and her two kids(Lol yea you know those people), SHE WAS NOT GOING TO MOVE. So for like 10 minutes I was awkwardly walking around that section waiting for her to move. When I saw her leave, omg I power walked like my life depended on it XD hehe~
But I was so happy when i got there because...THERE WERE RUSSIAN HATS! They came in the colours, white/grey, dark brown/black, and maroon/white.
I got The White/grey one! Lol at that point I didn't even realized the price tag laughing at me. It was $31.99. >.< I could only look at the tag for so long. But it was soooo worth buying! On my way to pay, I came across this cool sweater and couldn’t put it down so I ended up buying it.
I came out of Winners like...

Not only did I buy those, MY WIG CAME LAST TUESDAY! (heheh sorry for the late update♥)
It came in a cute black bag instead of pink this time!
This is how it looks! (Took this last Tuesday)
XD Yes, my mom did see it. She freaked out at me a bit about the fact that it is super long and not black, but she just accepted it in the end (It was cut a tad bit shorter though).
woo~ But I'm happy with it~!
Adieu my lovely Bananas!

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