Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas Gift~! + Wish list

Today I Got an early Christmas gift from a friend~!
It's a Dolly Wink Eyelash Case!
My lonely little lashes get a nice cozy home for Christmas >w<
I know it's nothing big and expensive, but it's so cute and thoughtful.
It's nice to have those friends that know exactly what you like (Lol well she's a lolita so she kind likes this stuff too) 
She is soo awesome and definitely dominates the loli look!  
Check out her Tumblr, it's so pink and cute~!
Wooo tomorrow i'm off to get her gift ^o^

Can't wait for Christmas though. What I'm hoping to see under my tree is:

YESSS I have been wishing for this Camera for a longgggg time. Hopefully I get it, and if I do, It will be one of my best gift evaaa~!
Hope everyone gets what they want the most this Christmas!!
Adieu Lovelies!

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