Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keep your Head up!

Lately I have been so down and haven't known what to do.
4 days after I got my awesome wig, my mom came home from he trip. She saw the pink package on my dresser and asked what it was. When I told her it was a new wig she was actually pretty anxious and wanted to see it on me and said that she hoped i picked something pretty. When i put it on and came out of the bathroom, she flipped out. Her thoughts on it were:
1. It's way too long
2. I don't want this colour on you.
3. Your going to get the wrong type of attention with this hair.
And all of that concluding to her thesis of the topic:
FYI I'm 18 and there is no guy I want attention from at my school Lol
After our words were thrown back and forth, she actually demanded that I give it to her. HAHAHA As If! I spent my own money on it. I just ignored her request and found a safe spot to put it so she wouldn't find it.
Like the lurk she is, she actually searched through my room to find it when i went to take a shower that night! Yes she did find it and i haven't seen it since. I have been bummed out since then. Every time I take one step to improve my Gal look. I end up taking 50 steps back because someone has a problem with it.

My question is:
Why is it considered too mature or unsuitable for a black girl to have either long hair or a colour other than black? Well i don't know about mature but some of them can be totally trashy and ugly.
I'm pretty sure these look way better than some of what you see.
Srry for using your pics Rei and Usagi >w< you are perfect examples~!
 Stollen from:

Well I all that is behind me and i'm ready to keep going~!
Hehe i'm obviously going to order a new wig sometime this week ;p I also saved up for some BRAND♥♥
My eye is also getting better! 4 or 5 more days and I can start wearing my circle lenses! Wooo!
\(^o^)/ I actually feel good and want to blog more often!

Sorry for the mass of text~ XD


  1. oh noooo ;______;
    why is your mom so mean and took your wig away???
    you looked so aswesome with that ;__;!!!!
    i really liked it! it´s so awesome GAL hair !
    maybe when you talk to her again you can get it back? when you tell her that you won´t wear it in school or something?...maybe she can understand than? ;__;

  2. thnx nene
    @_@Dunno, tried but she refused to give it back.
    But i'll get a new one~!