Tuesday, July 12, 2011


wooot woot post!
Last week mum and I went shopping.
Lol it was one of the most peaceful days Iv'e had all summer.
...not because I was shopping with my mom (=_=she was still extremely annoying)
It was because i got to try on so much stuff~!
I spent about $115 and my mom spent....way more XD.
I mostly bought @ Sirens and mum @ Costa Blanca.
After our lovely shopping spree we got some food.
The food at Sakura Ichiban was good, nothing special. But The lady that worked there (Misaki) was so sweet~♥  Lol we had a nice chat and she gave me so much extra!

These are my buys~!

Soo happy that I found the floppy hat~♥ They are really popular this summer.
I wanted a beige looking one like this but the dark one is cute too~!

My fave buy~♥

Wooo and finally changed the layout~!