Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Midnight Madness and Souvenirs

On Friday I went down to Oakville to visit my bff (Lol post is a bit late).
She told me that Midnight Madness was that day and we should go together.
Midnight Madness is a small little festival that happens twice a year in Oakville. Once during Christmas and once during the summer. There are lots of stands giving out free items like pop, food samples, and keychains.
But The most important part, are the sales~♥
Too bad these stores are SUUUUPPPERR EXPENSIVE! xD
Here are some pics
Walking to the festival.

This was one of the stores that I really liked (Forgot to take of the store Name =_=")
A lot of the clothes could have been put together to make nice Gal Coords~♥
But here is the horrible thing about this store...
I was thinking of buying the Disney Skunk T-shirt, but I quickly threw it back down when I saw that the price of this shirt was $149! That could get me 4 so badly wanted W♥C shirts!The Co&lu looking jacket was so nice but $199. The Tanks outside were the cheapest thing there, and they weren't even all that great =_=
After that, we went inside a store named boa. Me Being so asian minded, I wanted to go inside, just because it was called Boa ;)
The prices weren't as high as the first store, but there were only a couple cute things in there.

The hat store was so over priced >.< some of the materiel felt kind cheap too. The salesman was trying so hard to sell me a $125 fedora! pfft as if old man!
And the store with the manikins wearing tutus, was so miss leading xD
There weren't any trendy clothes at all! It was an old lady clothing store! >.> The prices weren't that bad tho...

And some random pics.

We ate at Tokyo Bay, Our ritual  every time I go to see her^__^(Was not at the festival). They always have nice enka music playing in the background~♥
And there was rotating mystery meat at the festival ~ 
After we went to Tim Hortons (What a Canadian lives for♥), for a box of Timbits and Ice caps~♥
Lastly, we went to the manga store and bought some manga...FOR $1 Each!
Turns out they were having their own little midnight madness sale too(Because they wanted to clear the shelves for a new huge shipment ~♥ So I bought all the volumes of Raifu. I watched the drama long ago but never read the manga. I also got Ichigo Domo-kun!

BFF recently came back form her trip to Manhattan , and she brought me back some souvenirs!
I absolutely love them!

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