Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Face~♥

Lately I haven't been feeling well, so I was just taking a bit of a break from everything.
I have mostly been eating popsicles,taking naps and playing Pokemon white~.
but I feel much better~!
On to more important things~!
Somewhere around the beginning of July (maybe earlier), I decided to try out a new face wash because my last one wasn't doing me any good. Haha not to call out any brands, Neutrogena.
I decided to try out:

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Pore Purifying Facial Wash
This product is soooo amazing~♥
Soo~ this is what I think about it.

[Smell]: Very lovely and not too strong
[Recommended for]: Normal/ oily skin
[Removing Makeup]: Not really made for removing makeup.
[Price]: 9$ CND
[Personal Comment]: For those who have oily skin and/or large pores, this is totally for you. . I suggest using it at least twice a day either when you wake up or before you go out and before you go to bed.
 [Note to black girls becoming gal]: Lol in order to be a successful gal, you need to have a nice smooth face~ ~ You should definitely try this product out. Whether you notice it or not, pores are way more noticeable on us and totally hides our beauty.
I have been using it for about a month and my skin looks so much prettier~!
(Phone camera fades pic, when inside)

 dammit! I need to get circle lenses, my eyes seem so dull. T^T I miss wearing them.

But I can't forget my little secret weapon:
Palmer's Skin success: Fade cream for oily skin
I use this after washing my face instead of using super oily body lotion.
=_=Every time I go out on a hot summer day you can noticeably see that my skin got darker.
This fades any sudden darkness in the skin, and keeps your skin tone nice and even (I use this during all the seasons~♥)
I actually don't know how much this is, because my mom is the one that buys it. But I'm pretty sure you can find this in any department store (In Canada).

Together these two products make a pretty good combo~!


  1. Sounds good to me. I've been looking for a new face wash too.

  2. im a new follower of your blog!♥
    it is very cute and interesting~
    if you want you can have a look on my blog too!
    i would be soooo super happy(><)

    thanks and have a nicee day♥

  3. i want to try that product OvO). my pores are horribly noticeable.

    so that fade cream will really remove the tan? i hate having to use a different shade of foundation in summer >:T.

    i'm in canada too, so i'm gonna try and see if they have it at shoppers ^^).