Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Laptop~!!

New Laptop! I can post normaly again!
hohohoho~ not only do I have a new laptop, On April 26th (My Birf-day)
I got a camera thats all mine~♥ which means pics~!
Not only that, I GOT A JOB!
...Well I don't start till my exams are finished...BUT I GOT THE JOB.
I don't mind where im gunna work, but it's a start~
Lol Babi xi your gunna laugh but...
I got a job at...
 McDonalds too!
Lol well they were the only place that was gunna hire me without experience =_=
Woooo Money~

>.< I need to change this ugly blog~ So i'll do that AS♥P

Luv u♥

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