Saturday, June 11, 2011

AN11 Bliss (Pic Heavy)

*Temp Blog change*

Late post but oh well~
Anime North 2011 was amazing like always~!
Mostly because I went to my first ever jrock concert~♥ And got to meet HITT!
hohohohooooo not only did I get to meet him, I go his autograph, I got to take a pic with him and I GOT TO HUG HIM!♥♥♥ That was an amzing night~Loved his songs and he was super nice♥
Lol my friend was trying to make me laugh
Here are some pics I took (Lol a couple out of the 178)

This was such a sick bike~!

And not to forget... mah gets

Can't wait for AN12♥

MESSAGE TO CHANEL: I saw you at the Maid cafe and I was totally mind fucked XD
I Thought the girl for the Cafe delish pics looked familiar ~ You looked cute~
^ 3^ We gotta talk more.
I hate that I can't comment on yer lovely blog~♥

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