Friday, May 27, 2011

Missing Blogger

I miss posting on Blogger!
I currently don't have Internet, so I am not able to post.
But I am still commenting on blogs when I come up to the school library (If I haven't for yours, don't worry lol I will get to it)
Blogging in the school library isn't really... comfortable cuz so many people are around you and are superrr nosy.
When your looking at Onespo clothes on taobao, people tend to stare and ask the most annoying question of them all "Why are you looking at Asian people? Can you read that stuff?!?" Inside I snap, but outside i remain calm and say nothing. I find saying nothing rather than blurting out bull is much more affective ^_^ They wait for a response then get board, then just leave you alone. The awkwardness of them still talking about what your doing and staring is still there (What I hate the most) but you gain an unknown confidence like " Yea so? I'm looking at gyaru brands and im loving it!"
While i was browsing I found this cute little monkey charm~♥

Not all Japanese think gyaru fashion looks good. Lol
I was having a convo with a friend and while I was talking to him, I was also on my tumblr. He saw that my blog was filled with gyaru pics and saw a pic of a men's egg youth model. He said that there are a couple of guys at his school that dresses like that. Lol being me I was like "Really!?! Tomoki I wanna go to your school~!"" But he said that he doesn't like that style at all and when we came across a pic of Satomi Yakuwa he said that her eyes were really scary. XD Lol the way he said it made me laugh so hard!
He actually realized before how I dress and said that the style looks okay, to a point. Lol "Too sexy" (Lol Tomo, love your short sentences)
So yeah. ^o^ That was my interesting convo with my friend.

Sorry for not posting girls ^__~


  1. Welcome back! I'm addicted to Taobao xD I would spend all day on it at school but our computers are SO SLOW, so I usually don't lol. I hate it when people question you like that :/ There are a few people interested in Japanese things at my school but they are basically all anime nerds haha. I had a similar convo with my Japanese friend. It seems like most average Japanese people dislike gyaru. -_-

  2. Yaaaaay You're Back ! :)
    But I know what you mean when people question you about what you look at online (Asian Related things). >___> It's annoying af' , but I've missed you ! Hope you're doing well ! :)

  3. Thnx Gurlz♥
    @Rei Lol it's like a whole new world and same with our computers, but it's better than nothing.
    ...haha anime nerds...right... <.< >.> lmao

    @Taylor IKR. They need to mind their own business. Like so what, I like Asian stuff. Calm the fk down. I missed you too! I'm good. hope your plans on going to Japan are going well♥