Sunday, April 10, 2011

egg your uniform~!

I haven't got around to looking at the April issue of egg until today !
I really liked this issue~♥ Kanako looked amazing in every page *o*

I always loved the monthly JK press.
This one you lean the cute little ways of customizing your uniform to your personality~
On the last page one of the girls show you how she secretly turns her long hair short.
* 3*sneaky sneaky.
(Click to make larger♥)

why i'm posting at 11pm...I don't know =_=


  1. hahaha, silly you XD

    anyway i can totally understand why shes jelly of ur hair! it's so pretty! let's switch mmkay? i promise i wont dye it and treasure it forever! aahahahha ok that sounds gay, but anyway, your hair is just so pretty XD

  2. I always wanted a uniform when I was in school! They're so cute