Thursday, March 3, 2011

♥Tenchim♥ + KingBun + Phone

I look up to Kanako and Hiromi Imaizumi~ And now I Have a nother idol...Tenchim~!
She is soo pretty!!
Ever since TBS Galten started I absolutely loved her style and her personality!
Not only that, but she is only 17~!And super funny!
T^T You Inspire me Chim chim~♥

Since I can't comment on your blog bunbun, Ill post my comments XD
1. Mori girl and dolly kei is so pretty~ hehheh i remember my obsession last summer~♥
You  should check out the brand Spank~!

2. The hello kitty gacha ball is so cute~! I like the Purple~♥

My phone has offically been stolen by my mom T^T I now have to wait for my birthday for a new one.
But im happy because I get to get a Japanese phone at Pasific Mall~!
My asian friends all got their korean and Japanese phones there and said if i get the chance I should save up and get one~
Alot of gals have been posting about  which docomo F-04c phone they wanted.
Well everyone knows the phones are super cool and stuff and already posted about them, so im not gunna give a whole detailed paragraph about it ^__^
Lol P-mall will prob not going to have the docomo F-04c so im not gunna get pumped to see it there, but hey, you never know! *crosses fingers* XD Let's hope April 26th is a lucky day~♥


  1. You can use those phones in America !?
    Oh my goodness, I might have to buy one of those.
    ; ) Soooo cute.
    That gal girl is really cute & pretty!

  2. Kyaa sooo cute!

    Most docomo and Softbaank phones are Bilingual phones (can be changed from Japanese to English and vice versa)and you can get them unlocked with like a hypersim card for it to work overseas. The good ones start at like $215 or so on ebay.Way better than the phones you get in america for $200(pfft Ipone. camera quality in the japanese phones are wayyyyy better + you get the skin lightening,smoothing, blush adding stuff for editing the pic >.< and their pretteh looking.)
    ♥Chim chim♥ I thought she was at least 21 or so~

  3. Ohh, tenchim is so pretty XD!
    I want to dye my hair like hers XD
    but gotta buy extensions first XD

    Oh I've heard of spank! I didn't like it at first, but it has become much cuter recently :3

    I wanted a japanese cell phone too, but you need to get it unlocked. It's actually illegal to sell a japanese cellphone outside of japan (hmp, like that'll stop XD). Tbh, I prefer Iphone, because you can download apps and more. True, the camera is crappy but if I want to take pretty pictures, I'd rather buy a DSLR XD