Friday, March 11, 2011

My Prayers go out to Japan

Honestly I felt horrible today.

while everyone was going about with their pitiful lives here; no one really seemed to care about Japan right now.

At school they only mentioned Japan for about 3 seconds in our morning prayer. That’s it.

In the hallway where my locker is, there were a bunch of grade 11 girls who didn't even bother to listen to the prayer and decided to talk over it. They obviously thought their March break plans were more important than the people in Japan that were struck with this tragedy. I actually bitched them out about being disrespectful. And they had the nerve to laugh and say "It's just Chinese people. Bitch". If I wasn't so vulnerable for suspension, I would have beaten the shit out of them right then and there. I was so rattled. I actually went to the office and complained that the morning announcement about Japan was very pitiful. The VP's response was just as disgraceful as the announcement. All she told me was that "It was short notice and they quickly added it in."

The only person that was feeling the same way (but only for a while) was Tomoki (Our Japanese exchange student and one of my best buds) He said that his family doesn't live near the places that were hit badly, but he is still very sad about the whole thing.

One of the people I can relate to at the moment is Grace:

Watching the news in each class made me cry a bit. Even though people were looking at me like wtf. I could care less what they think of me.

=_=well that’s all from me today.

Love to Japan♥ and I will keep praying for all the people including the

I hope everyone will too.


  1. I know how you feel :(
    Sometimes I loose a bit of faith in humanity, I don't get how people can be so insensitive and ignorant. Even hitting them is no good, you'd just damage your hands and possible damage their brains even more... :P Hopefully someday they'll grow up and see that the world is bigger than them!

  2. People need to learn to grow up.
    && You know adults are just bigger kids.
    & most haven't even learned anymore than they did in high school.
    It's a sad thing, and it's really sad when people in America act like this, but as soon as something happens to us, we're ALL over everyone...
    I hope Japan the best

  3. And this is why karma excist. Wait and see.
    I've lit a candle for Japan.
    It's so sad really. When I heard the news I was stunned and was like 'no not Japan....'

    anyhway xx

  4. Some people -_-

    Anyway, pray for everyone struck by this humongous catastrophe..

    Yesterday I read this tweet :o
    -USA lost many lives on 9-11-01. Japan lost more lives on 3-10-11. Add both dates together, and you get 12-21-12. END OF THE WORLD.

    damn scary right? lol i hope it's not true :o

  5. Rei- Totally True

    Miki- -_-agreed. At times it seems like even some kids are more mature than the Adults.

    Pandora- Good old karma~ TRY BUYING A CAR NOW! HA! Much more expensive!

    Moon-Lmao omg bunbun That's so scary! =_= I wanna live to visit Japan!