Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice cream Or No Ice Cream?

GYAAAAA I have a problem!
I am stuck between asian phones XD (Mi-Kyung!!! whyyy!)

My friend is getting a new phone and she wants to get rid of her current one.(I don't know why she would get a new one when she just got the current one not to long ago)The phone she want's to get rid of is her lg kf350...Yes...THE ICE CREAM PHONE♥_♥
I don't know If should buy her phone or wait till April 26th to see if my parents fulfill their promise of getting me a Japnaese phone from pmall.
 (which by the way are very expensive. Let's just say nice ones start at $450, which also makes it much more of a slim chance of me getting one).
The one my friend has is the blue one.
It's looks so cute~And I like the Japanese phone looking style it has( The screen is not as long though T^T)♥Cam and vid quality is super, I can change the language to Japanese and
of course the LED lights are cool.♥
I told her if I buy it, I might or might not, give her $90.
Should It be less? $80, $70 maybe? Cuz it is a 2008-ish phone right?
>.< I need help! What should I do!

P.S. Im totally Happy cuz I donated $10 to Red Cross and $20 to another (That one seemed more reliable). It felt good that I could do something to even help out a tiny bit~♥


  1. That phone is so cute, I completely forgot about it, lol. I don't think you should buy your friends phone becoz when it's broken.. lol so yeh I think you should wait XD

  2. Wel if your parents promised you the new one I'd get that one. But if they end up falling back on that promise, totally get the other one from your friend for like 70$ (IF ITS NEW AS FAR AS QUALITY) If she bought the phone in 2008 then It should be like 50$. && both are cute! :) I just bought that iphone & i'm broke :(

  3. >.<thnx guys.

    Moon- Isn't it~♥ Yea thats true.Never thought about that. She only bought it about 2months ago or less, so it should have some time before it starts getting angry XD

    Miki- Lol promises from my parents, you can never be so sure about those XD.Hopefully she doesn't sell it by that time. So if they do chicken out i can just buy it from her rather than the same phone for $150 at Pmall.Nah she bought it like 2 months ago. So it's really new.
    awww but is worth it right?