Monday, March 7, 2011

☆─Home all day─☆

Im happy that I got to stay home today, but the fact the I have an infected eye,
kinda takes the fun out of it.

Around 9:00am I started looking at clothes and making coordinates~♥
Out of the bunches I made, I liked this one (=_=Srry I couldn't phoroshop them all together,Comp is not working):

Hat: Rodeocrowns
Wig: Prascilla

Jacket: CO&LU
Sweater: CO&LU

Pants: MarpleQ
Belt: Blue Moon Blue
Shoes: W♥C

After I did all that...
I actually memorized the song and learned the dance for Poi Poi By Ayaman !
You know you love it! Such an addicting song. Dirty, but addicting XD
Since Jan. I wanted to learn the dance but never got around to it~
So happy~♥

Well ya that was pretty much my morning~♥
Love you my little Bananas

=_=I hope I can stop rubbing my eye. SO ICHY!


  1. Eeeeeh, I hope your infection goes away soon!

    I love you coordinate! They're selling cheap prisila inspired wigs at nao XD
    I wanted to buy one but not anymore XD

    Hihihi, that dance is so dirty! It made me laugh lol!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your eye! D: I hope it heals soon. ♥

  3. ^___^Thanx guys. It's getting much better.

    =Oniceee, I also like the clothes on the site~
    XD lol the song it's self is worse than the dance♥