Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canadian gyaru~♥

I'm alive so don't worry. Just took a little break from bloggin.
I have moved back to my wigs~! Just because I liked the way I cut them.

But, forget about my hair. I am worried about the Canadian Gyaru community.
If you haven't noticed (Most likely you didn't...well cuz we're Canada XD), the community is totaly dead!
There are fame active Canadian gyaru like:

We have great Gyaru, but we don't mingle and stuff =_=
My mission is to get the Canadian gyaru hoppin♥
> _< I know its a big task for one person, but with a little help, It can be done!

Hehehe I searched around today and found a bunch of random Canadian gals just floating around.
^__^ There are quite a bit of you out there! Let's all be friends~!


  1. Where in Canada are you? I'm on Vancouver Island, I wanna find more gyaru/o around here so I don't have to travel as far to meets :P