Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A wise Gaiji once told me...

Well I wanted to post this a while back but never got the time toooo soo~
for those who haven't seen this guy up above his name is Max, and he's a gyaruo gaijin
and he talks about a lot of gyaru and gyaruo stuff, and post clips of his trips to Japan.
A lot of the stuff he talks about are very interesting like about the different magazines, host clubs, and many other questions that you might be wondering about.
But ya! a couple weeks ago he post a video talking about Western Gyaru, and I find most of his points very true.
But the thing I love about that video is what he says towards the end~<3
Really gives you a confidence boost<3
Sooo if you haven't watched his videos go check 'em out!

His Youtube account: akumax90                                
The video I was talking about:

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  1. I know him, but I thought he was Swedish or something instead of dutch XD
    He's really nice, and one thing I like about him is that gyaru is just a part of his life, not his entire life ^^