Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~A brand new Monkey~

Well here it is, my new look!
Sadly the hair store was sold out of the blonde and or red that I wanted 
because those colours are really popular now, and they never usually order a mass of them. 
Soo i settled with brown mixed with a gold-ish colour~!
Still need to buy another pair of lashes for the bottom and contact solution cuz i wanna start wearing my circle lenses again~!
Big change or no? Good or bla?
I still need some tweaking here and there(due to lack of money this week XD)
But I think it looks pretty good! Wooo no Photoshop done other than the text~!
Hope everyone likes it! Don't be afraid to give me some tough love! ^ 3^


  1. you're so pretty!!
    i lovee the third picture above all !
    so cuteee.

  2. So cuuuute~!! ♥
    That color really seems to fit you~

    I loooove the shirt, too~ :)

  3. -^___^- thank you guys~<3
    lol I seem to permanently make that face lately O 3O *fat face*

    I wish there was blond in it tho T^T
    hehehe but thats okay, cuz it makes me look lighter >=D

  4. you look so cute, you have such a sweet face!I'm super jelly of the makeup everything looks so nce and girlish. I want to redo my look for the new year!:D

  5. Your hair looks very nice! And bottom lashes would definitely finish off the whole thing, but either way you look great!

  6. Thanx Crystallyzed~<3
    Woo got money today so bottom lashes here I come~! (*^o^*)V

  7. omo, a big change but it suits you perfectly ! <3 :D