Friday, January 14, 2011

~☆At the back of class☆~

Well most classes are done teaching stuff, and are now handing out the exam reviews.
we should be doing those reviews and study them hard during this free time we get in class.
And for grade 12's like myself, we should be taking it very serious... 

Buuuut it being me, of course not XD
Well this is what me and my friend Blake were doing in religion class for the past couple of days
...there are many pages XD
lmao very productive. 
It's funny because a friend (a Lolita) and I  totally think he can look like a legit gyaruo!
It's so true too! His hair and his style just scream it! 
But yea, ill eventually have to take a pic!


  1. Hahaha, silly, you have to study hard ! XD
    Hwaiting !!

  2. >.< i know but religion is so boring~