Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I got for Christmas!☆

Raaaa finally posting~!
Besides my parents arguing from morning till night the whole holiday...i actually had a shitty Christmas,
but i did get good gifts so i'm happy =D
Well i promised everyone that i would show you what i got, and....TA-DA here it is!
My wonderful gets~!

I got This manga, Bath stuff, and Domo-kun! from my little brother<3

From my mom i got some punky accessories, super cute scrunchies, an usamimi,
cute boots, a new wallet ( hehehe I already made it my own by adding my Ai phone strap)
a scarf, Leather gloves, earmuffs and $50.

 My Daddy bought me 2 sweaters (I LOVEE the yellow one!), a shirt,
a pair of jeans(srry forgot to take a pic of it T^T) and $100.
I used some of the money to buy manga XD *thumbs up*

Wooooo! well that is what i got for Christmas! and i can't wait for new years!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a better new year~!
I love you my little bananas~<3 


  1. cuteee clothes ! =3
    && mangaaa <3
    looks like you had a nice christmas!
    merry christmas and happy new year !

  2. Haha some what of a nice christmas.
    Same to you~!CHU