Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you gals had a great Christmas!
spending time with your family, the gifts, the money, a nice dinner and the money.

Since i got a new super cool phone with an amazing camera, i will post what i got for christmas 2morrow!
Not only that, i will be posting way more nowww!! wooo!
Sorry for they tiny tid bit of posting i was doing.
 I had a lot of school stuff to catch up on cuz im a total slacker!
I will also start posting pics of moi after i get my hair done some time Wednesday.
cuz i can assure you i am rockin a totally killer holiday afro right now since i barely left
the house (no one to get dolled up for ToT). Just slip on a pretty wig and your good!

I have a tone of things to talk about so don`t worry! lots of posts from this little monkey!
bye bye and Merry christmas once again my little Bananas! chu*

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