Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Happy Halloween sweeties!~

Hey i just wanted to say Happy Halloween girls, and that This monkey won't give up~!
being criticized  so harshly made me more determined to do my best!
Anyways Today is Halloween girls~! 
I'm so excited to see all the little kids in they cute costumes!
Like everyone else i bought my candy last minute this morning .
My friend and i drove down town and got some Japanese candy of course  
we got:
~an 8 pack of Hi-chew
~ a 3 pack of Apollo
~ 2 bags of Kasugai Konpeito
~4 strips of Kasugai yogurt candy
~ a bag of Fizzling Soda candy
~Meiji Mushroom Shaped Chocolate
~a big box of Smarties (XD just cuz they were on sale)

We separated them in little individual baggies.
 =_= there are a lot of baggies sitting around right now.
We are probably going to devourer half of them before kids start coming~

Also this morning i did my nails quick for Halloween and this is how they turned out~
Cute or eh?

Welll later today ill post my costume...or you can call it cosplay XD
I love you my little Bananas~<3

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