Sunday, September 5, 2010


If your a Gal you should probably already know that Usamimi Headbands are in right now

I saw them when i was looking through egg magazine's July issue.I wanted one so bad
(hehe not because my idol had one...well yea actually because she was wearing one)

An now That day has Come~! last week got one! I was so surprised when i saw it at Dragon city mall in china town! the store only had 2 left a pink one and a floral one. Since i don't like pink i picked the floral one!
I Love it~!


  1. wow your usamimi looks so cute!!
    i love floral prints!!
    i regret that i haven´t bought one in Japan ;________;
    but i heard H&M is selling usamimis right now! <3
    must go shopping tomorow <3

  2. Thank you~!
    =o it's much more cheaper in Japan tho T^T you should have~
    Hope you get one~!

  3. hey <3
    thanks for your comment! <3
    ah no in Japan the Usamimis were really expensive...around 800Yen for denim ones...
    at H&M i payed around 3€....
    ok they aren´t that cool, but cheaper ^^
    i´m happy that i got one now <3

  4. thank you for your cute comment again <3
    ah btw who´s your fav. model? because you mentioned it in the beginning of the post ^^

  5. =o really 800yen is a little high. but yours looks cute~!
    your welcome~!
    oh! ><~KANAKO KAWABATA!~>< I love her so much~!

  6. arw i know kanako <3 she is from egg magazine,ne? :D i don´t read egg magazines often because popteen is my fav. magazine, but i when i read egg than i like kanako the most! she is so cool!! <3
    my fav. model at the moment is Yui Kanno <3 but i also like Tsubasa Masuwaka and Nana Suzuki, and Kumicky hehe xD i like a lot xD
    oh btw thank you for your comment <3
    on Friday i will paint the walls of my room in light pink hehe :D i´m so excited ^^
    oh you like the Uchiwa??? that´s good!!! so you must like Kame too ne? :D i like him so much hehe :D he is so awesome *0*/