Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A wonderful Time

Man i have been becoming more and more Asian as we speak.
To some it might be weird , but i love it.
My friend and i went to china town in Toronto and it was the bet day i have had this year!
First we went to the first Asian mall. I bought a cute bow ring, a headband,
 Ramune, Hi-chew,Buzzer Beat and a Tokidoki sports bag.
And then we went to the second mall and i bought (with some help from jade) a new popular style shirt from Korea. After that we went out for dinner at the White pearl (a Chinese restaurant). I LOVE DIM SUM!
It was soooooo delicious that i didn't care about my tooth hurting, i just continued to eat!  
My top 3 favorite Dim Sum food items + desert:
1. BBQ Pork Buns

2. Sticky rice in lotus leaf


3. Spring rolls


4. Green Tea Ice cream


That was a perfect Day and i got to spend it with my best friend~!

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